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A brief history about us


MDChronic.com was created to fill a desperate need in healthcare today: the ability for doctors to give patients the time and attention they deserve in order to get the proper treatment for their chronic diseases. This has direct benefits for the doctor, the patient and the health of the entire population.



Telemedicine and virtual and wearable healthcare technology is dramatically revolutionizing the healthcare industry, and it is just beginning. Our healthcare technology platform transforms patient care without sacrificing revenue through HIPAA-compliant software and video collaboration between doctors, patients and specialists.

The power behind our scalable, multi-use, multi-protocol, multi-device platform is a strong leadership team led by healthcare industry veterans that have created Inc. 1000 fastest growing companies, medical doctors and entrepreneurs with significant experience building and growing companies to $100 million and beyond.

The IBM Entrepreneur Program recognized our likelihood of success and made a capital investment along with embedding us into their HIPAA-compliant network. Massive, long-term success in healthcare technology requires a vast support network and levers that IBM Watson provides for us.


Over 133M Americans suffer from one or more chronic diseases. Many of those are Baby Boomers who are turning 65 at a rate of 10,000 every day. The current healthcare infrastructure is not flexible enough to meet the strongly increasing demand placed on it, which means patients will wait longer to see their doctor and doctors will be required to handle increased patient populations.


MDChronic fills the gap between the increasing demand on the system and the limited supply of healthcare resources. We offer a high-tech solution that allows doctors to spend more time with each patient and to do it at a time and place that is convenient for the patient. This gives the patient not only the convenience of a medical consultation in their own home or office, but the peace-of-mind that comes with seeing a doctor more quickly. Doctors can build a more profitablepractice through video consultation and subscription-based concierge services.


The team at MDChronic.com is made up of capable doctors, developers, entrepreneurs and marketers who are working together to bring this innovative solution to the market. Dr. Rollan Roberts CEO PHD from University of California, Irvine Doctorate of Business Administration, International Business & Entrepreneurship

Industry-Leading CEO that creates high growth public/private/VC-backed companies. Accomplished in leading technology, healthcare, non-profit and direct sales organizations and recognized authority among industry leaders. Provide spiritual/life leadership to professional athletes, politicians, celebrities and CEOs. Results:


Matt Ream

Marriott School of Management, BYU MBA, Finance, Marketing

Marketing Experienced full-stack marketing professional with proven ability to directly impact the bottom line. Helping SaaS software and professional services startup.


Dr. Ken Kapur

MS & PhD from University of Washington, Seattle.

CEO of Enconi which was listed by INC magazine as #5 fastest growing privately held company in the USA


Dr. Anu Kapur

MD ( Internal Medicine) Virginia University, Co-Founder

16 years Experience as an Internal Medicine Physician in CA, MA, ME and CT.

Lakatos Bela

Triple Recipient of Google's Adwords Badge

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